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Welcome to Whimsy Art! My name is Ellen Berces and I’m the illustrator and designer of the images on this site, a place where I share my drawing techniques and crafts. I love creating funny animal characters and a lot of cute things. I put most of my designs on t-shirts, cards, posters, bags, accessories and other items. It’s great to know that somehow, someone will appreciate these creations and make it a part of their lives.

You can follow my blog to learn skills in drawing, painting and creating crafts for hobby or business. Let’s have fun with our creativity!

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Ellen Berces is a creative professional who continuously researches on the latest art trends. She works mainly on designs and illustrations for craft manufacturers involved in the export of a myriad of products. These include seasonal decors, gifts and packaging items made of resin, metals, tins, fabrics and paper.  She graduated with a degree in Fine Arts at the prestigious University of Santo Tomas in Manila.

Day Job

Mil Export Philippines as a product designer of home furnishings, seasonal gifts and decorations which are manufactured for international buyers.

Tasks & Accomplishments

Handled client's designs and sampling requirements.

Involved in research, product development and production supervision.

The export products she has designed in the past have been sold to wholesalers and major retail stores in the U.S such as Pier 1 Imports.

Freelance Work

She accepts freelance work in illustration through online opportunities like and Most of her work involve creating designs for t-shirts and vector graphics for other textile products.